Top Things to do after installing Ubuntu

When i was new to Ubuntu 14 years ago,i found the Linux community welcoming me with open hands through emails,forums etc. I was surprised how helpful these penguins were!Now I think I should give back something to this wonderful community.To pass the torch to new Linux generation.So i publish this post.This blog is about the things to do after installing Ubuntu,The Ubuntu comes in a CD so it cannot include all the required codec to watch movies,mount images and other required software. The software which are available with Ubuntu  as default are not the best one available,So I am sharing the list of the best software available in Linux. These are must downloads.
Below i list the MUST DO THINGS TO DO AFTER INSTALLING Ubuntu Before downloading packages from repositories you must ensure that all Ubuntu repositories are enabled.Take System->Administration->Software Sources.

You wont need source code unless you are a software developer.Most of the softwares are available in ubuntu repository else i will give u the link.To download them go to
System->Administartion->Synaptic packages manager.Remember to click reload button to get list of latest softwares.Now type the name of software i have given in bold in the search box.when u see the software listed right click and click install.

1)To Watch Movies.
Install Vlc and Smplayer which are far more better than totem movie player which is available as default in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.I recommend uninstalling totem and installing the two players,they can virtual play all video formats with there build in codecs(No need to download additional codec as in case of totem player).

2)To play music
SongBird and Amarok is the best player for this also have ipod support.
this also performs better than rhythom box available with ubuntu.
After installing while using it it will automatically download mp3 codec from internet.

3)Install ATI or NVIDIA Graphics card driver
Click the download and install driver option in System->Hardware Drivers, which will automatically driver or Install EnvyNG.
Click this Link:To view a detailed "How To" on driver installation:

4)Cool Desktop Effects
Compiz Fusion provides you those eye candies in Ubuntu .You will see that Vista 's or windows 7 's graphics are nothing compared to Compiz fusion.Go to Ubuntu repository the install compizconfig settings manager,emerald, compiz plugins,compiz fusion icon.
To configure the effects go to system->Preference->CompizConfig Settings Manager.Right click desktop,then visual effects,Now click extra effects.
Note: If you have a graphics card its driver must be installed as told in step 3 before enabling effects.
Before installing compiz fusion view my post on compiz fusion to have a detailed How Tos.Click Link: installing Compiz fusion desktop effects in Ubuntu

5)Missing Windows applications?? Run Windows software in Ubuntu !!!
Wine is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs in Linux.
Install wine from repository.Then just double click .exe file.
Note: Not all windows software can run.A list is available in the website.
Wine Website:

6)Play Windows Games in Linux
Install PlayonLinux.Games like world of warcraft ,counterstrike and many other can be played in Ubuntu . Playonlinux is based on wine.
Click here for list of games available:
Click here to download latest version of PlayOnLInux:

7)Mount Images
The best one for linux ACETONEISO,which is similar to ALCOHOL in windows
its supports almost all formats.I dont think its available in Ubuntu repository.
Click here to download latest version of AcetoneISO:

8)Burn CD & DVD
Nero is available for Ubuntu , but its not free.A trial is available for 1 month usage and later it asks or activation code.But K3B is as good as Nero.Have a good feature set as Nero.
Install k3b u can certainly remove Brasero Burner.K3b is a better performer.

9)Enable Webcam.
Install CHEESE.You can take it from Application->Graphics.

10)Ubuntu Control Panel
Install UBUNTU TWEAK.This will allow u to customize system and desktop settings.It will also work for other liux distros.

11)Install Vista like gadgets.
Install google-gadgets in linux.How is my cool desktop?You liked?!!

12)View Linux partion in Windows.
If you are dual booting Linux install Ext2Ifs.exe in windows.This will enable windows to access your linux partion.If u have some important data in Linux partion u can access it in winodows.

Click Here To Download Ext2Ifs.exe


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