How To Auto Mount Windows Or Mac Partion in Ubuntu linux 9.10 at StartUp

Ubuntu 9.10 or none of linux distros wont automatically mount Windows Or Mac Partion at startup and you will need to authenticate mounting each time.It will certainly cause difficulties to the user.If you need ubuntu 9.10 to mount these drives at startup with no need to open My Computer(or going to "media") and clicking on the icons to mount these drives,and this way to avoid those applications to getting errors when they're opened before making these drives from being mounted.The method is same for every linux distro.
You can make Linux automatically mount them by editing the fstab file.
This method will preventing the other os drives from appearing as icon on desktop when mounted and cause disoder in ur desktop...
step 1)Make folders to mount the drives

sudo mkdir /media/nameofdisc

"nameofdisc" you can choice as u like.Note to give differnt names.

Do this once for each of the your partitions you need to mount.
2)Edit fstab, if you don't want to use nano use whichever graphical editor u like example:type gedit instead of

sudo nano /etc/fstab

add these 2 lines
/dev/sda1 /media/nameofdisc1 ntfs defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 1
/dev/sda2 /media/nameofdisc2 ntfs defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 1

Note to rename nameofdisc1 and nameofdisc2 with the name u gave.
Save and close nano: Ctrl+O then enter to save file, Ctrl+X to exit

3)Mount the drives

sudo mount -a

You will find the drives have automatically mounted.Now you can watch a video etc from those drives by taking an application and open file from the wont get an error message that drive is not mounted.


Balakrishnan said…
There is an easier option, using NTFS Config which lets you do this without using the command line.

Detailed guide here

Nice blog, by the way. I hope as time goes by you'll be able to add material on a greater variety of topics. Keep up the good work.
mrcet007 said…
Thanks for informing me about this alternate way,but I prefer using the command line way.I guess 3 or 4 commands once is better than downloading & installing a software which exactly does the same!!!
Again Thanks for your appreciation.
Laurence said…
I'm a new user to ubuntu, and I love the whole concept of it. The one thing that puts me off is the fact that I have to root around in the internet to find out how to do this kind of thing. Not exactly user friendly or intuitive to enter those commands in terminal and neither is downloading a package to do it for you. What I'd like to see in ubuntu straight out of the box: A simple check box next to: 'Automount this NTFS drive at start up?' Too much to ask I suppose.

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