How Linux sucks !!!!!!![Comic]

Yaaaaaa Linux can suck hard!!!!!!!!!!
Ha Ha!!!


Linux DOES suck. Any "how to", if you can find one, to do anything at all assumes that the reader knows something that he does not at the very outset of the explanation thus leaving the reader in the dust unable to continue following the how to because they never even got started. Sometimes how to's will tell you to access some utility that is not even on the system, nor in any repository of the synaptic manager. And the geeks that DO know how to do things with linux look down on everyone in that oh so superior way and giggle with glee that they know something that they are unwilling to share with anyone else. This helps them to maintain their sense of superiority. I'm getting really sick of even looking for help after almost ten frigging years of scrolling through nonsensical ramblings of unhelpful and cryptic pseudo instructions with neither a beginning nor ending, nor useful information in the middle.

I mean, really! Every distro has a different method of installation and not one of them have consistent, accurate, thorough directions in even obscure forums, let alone in readily available link locations. Linux sucks because the geeks that make it think its funny that they hold the key to the kingdom. You say it's free? I say you lie. It is by far the most costly endeavor that I have ever undertaken in the sense of hours to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. You take even word processing, something that was easy even in dos, to new heights of impossibility.

And apparently you all think its funny.

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