Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Review

Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope bears lots expectation from linux fans,its success is more important because it will have to fight windows 7.Early betas of Windows 7 already caught enough limelight,and shows promising signs of being a better OS than Windows Beta. So if  ubuntu the most popular linux distro on earth cant come up with some sophisicated features then it will be a big blow.But the good news is that ubuntu 9.04 have lots of exciting features!!!!!!!! Lets check out........

Mark Shuttleworth had announced Ubuntu 9.04 in September and stated that ubuntu 9.04 will boot "blindly quick", which shouldn't be surprising considering Ubuntu's presence on increasing number of devices like notebooks,Ubuntu Mobile on MIDs and Remix netbooks.The ubuntu 9.04 alpha 3 on over lab test showed boot time of 21.3 seconds,which is  fast than intrepid!!!!! 
Ubuntu 9.04's target will be to expedite the booting through kernel modifications and optimizing system services. The ubuntu 9.04 will be released on april 23 2009.

Ubuntu 9.04 release will also influence the performance,
because Canonical is strongly considering to make EXA acceleration by default in the xf86-video-ati driver.Mark Shuttleworth also told the company is considering integrating web services with ubuntu desktop.Ubuntu 9.04 will also include markable power management improvements like powering down wireless adapters when an Ethernet connection is active,requesting the user to turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when inactive,
an ultra low-power mode where USB and other systems would be shutdown and optimizations will be implemented.


The most exciting feature in Ubuntu 9.04 is the Ext4 File System. Finally Ext4 File System is stablized with Linux 2.6.28 kernel,and linux world is about to adopt this,promising file sytem upgrade.Ext4 will not be the default File system in jaunty and we expect Ext4 to replace Ext3 in ubuntu 9.10.Ubuntu 9.04 now has install-time support for EXT4.We have also published a bench mark test of common linux filesystems like ext3 ,jfs,xfs and rfs.

Ubuntu 9.04 will employ a complete new style for notifications and preferences which Mark Shuttleworth promisies to increase user-friendliness of ubuntu.
The complete and latest list of changes to packages is listed in the jaunty changes mailling list check it out.Now concerning Xorg ,atleast X Server 1.6 will be used.Chances that Xorg 7.5 will be used are slim,lets hope Xorg 7.5 will be implemented which have promising features like X Server 1.7.Even without Xorg 7.5 users can expect updated Intel,evdev, ATI driver updates and other newer X packages .

Download Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope.
The latest version of ubutnu 9.04 jaunty jackalope is available for download CLICK HERE To DOWNLOAD.
You can also order LiveCD's if you have patience at shipit.ubuntu.com.


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