How to install latest vlc 1.0.0 player in ubuntu 9.04 jaunty jackalope

The new major version of vlc player has been relased.It a new qt4 interface fullscreen controls, better playlists options,new video format support,many video and audio improvements andalbum art support.So upgrade is highly recommended.

Its a must have open-source software.

The latest vlc 1.0.0 nor gimp in not available in ubuntu repository so u will have to add a software source in the repository.You cannot visit the vlc media player site and download vlc 1.0.0 from that site as in windows u have to do the below steps..

1)Remove old VlC

Remove the previous version of VLC to avoid a conflict when u upgrade. Remove vlc or gimp in Synaptic or in the terminal:

In terminal:

sudo apt-get remove vlc

2)Include new repository.

Click System ->Administration ->Software Sources ->Third Party Software.

Press Add & paste in this repository:

deb jaunty main

Close Software Sources & Click reload the repositories.

3)Install vlc 1.0.0 

To install Vlc:

sudo apt-get install vlc

Now you have the new rocking vlc 1.0.0!!!!!

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